3 ½ stars

This year TIFF featured Nigerian films in it’s City to City spotlight series. Nigeria has the second most prolific national film industry after India, and this profile at a major film festival is quite a boost of international recognition.

This movie was quite a compelling depiction of a mixed-tribe military family caught up in the consequence of the 1976 assassination of General Murtala Mohammed and attempted coup by a military faction.

Our hero, a Captain in the military shortly after the resolution of the Nigerian Civil War is already dealing with his neighbour’s wife blasting disco music at all hours, and his own pregnant wife’s relatives throwing shade on their mixed marriage. The last thing he needs is his friend mistakenly thinking he might be interested in getting in on the coup conspiracy. Uh-oh, what now?

Quite entertaining and I must say lead Ramsey Nouah sure can wear a uniform.


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