1 star

I try not to waste my time on truly bad movies, but sometimes the dictates of a short flight time necessitate a risky choice on Air Canada’s in-flight entertainment system. There is a thread of a worthwhile concept in this Will Ferrell comedy where a milquetoast stepdad (Ferrell) is earnestly trying to win the affections of his new wife’s munchkins. There are interesting things that could be explored in terms of concepts of masculinity and fatherhood in the conflict generated by the return of his wife’s ex and baby daddy. The titular daddy, played by Mark Wahlberg, is a motorcycle riding sex symbol, or at least is intended to be, based on the swooning toe to head pan shots director Sean Anders uses to introduce the character. And yet, quite honestly Wahlberg has looked better, so these scenes miss the (Marky) mark, so to speak. Perhaps his haggard looks and pained expression are a result of having to slither through the most egregious product placement I think I have ever seen in a movie. Before the whole thing falls apart completely in the last third of the movie, Ferrell actually has some funny scenes with his wimpy character’s alpha-male boss (Thomas Haden Church) but ultimately you would be better off doing what I did on my return flight and rewatch Deadpool.


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