4 stars

Inventive animated film set in a mystical Japan. Kubo is a Harry Potter-esque Boy Who Lived, rescued by his mother from the clutches of his evil grandfather The Moon King, who stole one of his eyes. Our monocular protagonist gets a chance to show off his own animation skills, making his origami characters dance with his magic lute, entertaining the local villagers. At night he retreats to a cave and cares for his depressed mother, away from the prying lunar eye of his grandfather who seeks him still to join the rest of their family pantheon up in the night sky.

An incautious moment leads to their discovery, and mother uses the last gasp of her own magic to help Kubo escape. A quest emerges as Kubo seeks magical armour and a sword, with the help of two odd companions Monkey and Beetle.

The clever animation and funny, thoughtful script make for an out-of-the-ordinary flick! Great fun!


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