5 stars

This is an absolutely fascinating, beautifully crafted film about a horrible situation. Much like when the book came out, you can’t imagine you would enjoy this film when you hear about its premise, but you do. Ma and her son, 5 year old Jack (two brilliant performances by Oscar winner Brie Larson and Canadian child actor Jacob Tremblay) live in the one-room shack where they have been confined longer than the entirety of Jack’s life by their captor Old Nick. Both cling to their sanity by creating a whole world out of their small space, but we join their scaled down life just as Ma has to finally confront Jack with the reality of their situation in order to enlist his help in an escape plan.

What follows is a rich story about trauma and resiliency that is one of the most psychologically sophisticated movies I’ve seen in quite a while. Highly recommended.


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