1 star

Yikes. Sorry to report to those who wanted to see this since it was shot in Toronto last year, but it really is that bad.

Despite the presence of some favorite actors (Viola Davis, Joel Kinnaman) and some up and comers I was keen to see more of (Jai Courtney, Margot Robbie) this is a terrible movie. If I think of all the money and creative efforts of many film professionals (including Toronto based ones, since it was shot here) that went into the filming, stunts, special effects and costumes, it just makes me angry to see the movie sunk by its completely incomprehensible story.

Davis plays a powerful director of a U.S. national security agency who is concerned enough about the appearance of “meta-humans” like Superman to put together a team of super-powered bad guys, putting a special forces dude played by Kinnaman in charge. This is about as far as the coherent part of the story goes. And honestly it’s not worth anyone’s time to try to sort it all out.

In terms of performances, Jared Leto as a new version of The Joker is painful to watch. In contrast Will Smith as super-accurate marksman Deadshot is just his usual (of late) ordinary bad.

Jai Courtney is a walking Australian sterotype: a mutton-chopped horndog bruiser whose power is to throw boomerangs! Not kidding! I wonder what the Canadian equivalent would be? A lumberjack who throws Tim Horton’s coffee lids with unerring skill? Despite this I really wanted to see more of him, though I don’t know if I want it enough to go see next year’s Flash movie it which he will, supposedly, reprise the character.

Margot Robbie is very watchable as Harlequin, a former forensic psychiatrist who treated the Joker and crossed one too many boundaries with him. This despite her having to spend so many of her scenes with Leto. I hope the stink of this flop doesn’t keep her from better opportunities.


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