Second Thoughts: LA LA LAND


Some thoughts on viewing La La Land a second time (SPOILERS):

  1. Sebastian is hot in that eighties get up.
  2. Who the hell is that Zachary Quinto lookalike in the opening number? Babe, call me.
  3. Mia’s audition number: “Here’s to…” is bloody amazing.
  4. A perfect deadpan comedic moment: Sebastian psyches himself up at the piano in the restaurant and then plays “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”.
  5. It’s unclear if Sebastian returns to the band after the lip-biting photoshoot.  What do people think? I say no.
  6. It’s so strange how those roommates of Mia’s just disappear completely after just one scene. Ditto Sebastian’s sister.  It feels like a script flaw.
  7. So remember in Gangster Squad when Ryan and Emma… no of course you don’t.




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