Baby Driver

4 stars

Heist movies play into a variety of moviegoer fantasies: get rich quick, screw the corporate overlords, escape humdrum existance to live life on easy street.  Many of them also revel in elaborately planned teamwork outsmarting complex security systems.

Baby Driver foregoes much of this by focusing almost exclusively on Baby, a music obsessed young savant of a wheelman working for head honcho Kevin Spacey.  Newcomer Ansel Elgort is an absolute delight in the title role, cooly detached in the planning meetings, giving the more seasoned veterans Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx all the more opportunity to chew the villainistic scenary.

The robberies themselves are unwitnessed by us as we stay with Baby in the car, this heist movie is all about the getaway. The car chase scenes through downtown Atlanta are something else, crazy spectacular stunt driving accompanied by the catchy soundtrack of Baby’s preferred tunes.

Elgort is also delightful in his scenes with his elderly deaf foster father (CJ Jones) and in a sweet romance with a perky diner waitress (Lily James, Lady Rose from Downtown Abbey). Surely a talent to watch.


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