Mission Impossible: Fallout


Wow. While I can’t quite bring myself to give this my lowest possible rating, this was an incredibly disappointing movie-going experience. I can’t deny that there are some standout stunt performances, including the fight sequence in a bathroom that you’ve mostly already seen in the trailers, and a chase through Paris streets that is thrilling up until the point that it goes on much too long. However, to say that the plot is pedestrian and the acting wooden would be an insult to walking trees. What? No such thing as a walking tree, you say? Allow me then to introduce you to Henry Cavill, who is perhaps the most excruciating in his performance though there is plenty of godawfulness, acting-wise, to go around. I am utterly baffled as to why this film has been so positively reviewed. If you can’t bring yourself to stay away, than I would at least suggest you avoid the 3-D version as the effect is incredibly distracting especially in the first few scenes.



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