TIFF begins today!

Here are the movies I’m seeing:

KURSK: It wouldn’t be TIFF if I wasn’t stalking Belgian actor Matthias Schoenaerts, this time portraying the captain of the doomed Russian submarine which sank in 2000.

DONNYBROOK: When I heard that a movie based on this crazy book about Kentucky rednecks fighting for their lives was coming to TIFF I thought for sure it would be in the Midnight Madness program but turns out it is up for the new-ish juried Platform prize! With Jamie Bell, Frank Grillo and James Badge Dale.

THE WEDDING GUEST: Michael Winterbottom’s latest film stars Dev Patel as an unexpected guest at a Pakistani wedding.

PAPI CHULO: Matt Bomer plays a Los Angeles weatherman who forms an unexpected bond with with his middle-aged Mexican gardener after losing his job.

FREE SOLO: A documentary about rock climbers with bountiful views!

A MILLION LITTLE PIECES: Sam Taylor-Johnson directs her husband Aaron Taylor-Johnson in this rehab tale based on the book by James Frey that became the centre of a controversy about “creative non-fiction”.

MAFAK (SCREWDRIVER): Palestinian film shot entirely in the West Bank about a man trying to readapt to life in Ramallah after spending a decade in an Israeli prison.

SHORT CUTS PROGRAMME 4: My annual foray into short film, a mix of animation and live action, documentary, drama and comedy.

CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME: Melissa McCarthy and Richard E. Grant in the film of the life of celebrity biographer Lee Israel who resorts to forgery after her respectful, classy bios fail to keep up with trash-talk trends of the eighties.

POSLEDICE (CONSEQUENCES): Slovenian drama about a troubled young man thrown into a mix of sex, drugs and gang violence at a youth detention centre. Based on the director’s own experiences as a correctional facility teacher.


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