4 stars

A mysterious, nameless young man (Dev Patel) holding multiple fake passports makes his way from the UK to rural Pakistan, collecting as he goes two pistols, duct tape, a black sac and plastic zipties.  He finds the manor of a local patriarch, the day before a wedding is to take place and in the dead of night, infiltrates the house and kidnaps the bride (Radhika Apte).

Director Michael Winterbottom dispenses with the usual tension in a movie like this, i.e. will he get caught by police, instead showing the evolving relationship of abductor and abductee, as they travel through Pakistan and India. Things turn out to not be what they first seem. Better known for his foodporn infused travelogues starring British comedian Steve Coogan, Winterbottom’s skill in filming a journey helps bring to life this genre bending thriller-romance that skilfully varies the tone from tense to languid, cold-blooded to hot and bothered.


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